UAE Labour Law
UAE Labour Law is applicable for all workers, not simply outsourced employees who are are employed and working in the UAE.
Staffing Author: Adam Gray
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Mission of UAE Labour Law

“Organise the labour market to strengthen the participation of the emirates in the labor force, realize the protection and flexibility in the labour market, and attract skilled workers through a comprehensive system of policies and regulations, enforcement, institutional partnerships and effective service delivery” Ministry of Labour.

The UAE labor law covers employer-employee relationships and as a general rule is governed by the Labor Law of 1980. This is composed of 193 Articles. As it’s a federal enactment, the UAE labour law applies throughout the UAE.

Most employees based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have questions relating to specific areas of the labour law.We have found the most common questions for outsourcing agencies and outsourced employees in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are:

-Probation period
-Basic + Allowances
-Gratuity and end of service benefits
-Sick Leave
-Annual Leave
-Maternity Leave
-Air Fare
-Medical Insurance in Abu Dhabi and the differences compared with Dubai
-Family Benefits
-Limited Contract
-Unlimited Contract
-Labour Bans

If you have any questions or comments on any of the above labour law topics please comment below.

About the Author

By Adam Gray: Google Prior to founding Adam was Vice President of one of the UAE's largest outsourcing agencies, with over 1200 staff outsourced across 40 different job types from salaries of AED3500-70,000+. Worked with companies such as Microsoft, HSBC, Samsung, P&G, Emirates, L’Oreal, IBM, TripAdvisor and many more. An Immunology graduate from the University of Glasgow, Adam was also a former top billing consultant.